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COVID-19 notice

Independent Executor & Trust will continue to operate during the COVID-19 lockdown. Read more

To learn more about COVID-19 in South Africa, please visit the COVID-19 Online Resource & News Portal SAcoronavirus.co.za

Committed to ensuring your peace of mind
IE&T is a well-established business and deals predominantly in the administration of Estates and the administration of Trusts.
“The best way of preparing for the future is to take good care of the present, because we know that if the present is made up of the past, then the future will be made up of the present. All we need to be responsible for is the present moment. Only the present is within our reach. To care for the present is to care for the future.” ~ Buddha
At Independent Executor and Trust, we believe that there is more to drawing up a Will than professional advice and efficient service.

There is also the need for assurance that your loved ones are going to receive compassionate and caring treatment while your estate is being wound up.

We try to go beyond merely taking instructions and committing them to paper. The full

implications of your wishes are explained and possible problems discussed and resolved in a manner most suited to the personal needs of our client.

Quality, efficient and personalised service.

IE&T is a division of the NVest Financial Holdings Group of Companies and is a member of FISA (The Fiduciary Institute of South Africa).


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